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About Me

Creating 3D Collages & Assemblage

I love vintage and old photos, with my crush for good quotes & poetry I blend everything together in my artworks to create something new. It started for me in January 2023 when I created a personal birthday gift for an artistic friend of mine. She encouraged me to go further on this path and combine my love of old photos, vintage, poetry,history and quotes into something new with a female touch. 

With my passion for assemblages and 3D- collages inspired by Joseph Cornell, I try to infuses each piece with a touch of humor and thought-provoking elements. 

My art lessons more than 30 years ago in Germany came handy.

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Latest Releases from Fietje F@ctory

"The new collection"

Who needs Tinder when you can go shopping for your new boyfriend? 
Funny 3D-shadowbox with depth and ready to impress.

"Look into my eyes"

I bet you looked somewhere else first :-) 

3D-shadowbox, framed and ready to hang. 

The text can be adapted to DE/FR/NL/EN if wished.


This assemblage is inspired by my passion for vintage & travelling. On the bottom you will find mini-collages in encaustic technique. 

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Be amazed !!!

5 x anders (Group)

Koetshuis Baron Casiers - Waregem (BE)

1st - 31st of January 2024
Vernissage 13.01.2024 19-22.00

More info

Cultuurhuis De Keizer - Lichtervelde (BE)

De wonderlijke wereld (Solo)

23.02 - 05.03.2024 

Follow your dream 


What's going on

Exciting media coverage of my artistic journey.

Created the artwork for the "affiche" of the theaterplay "Tailleur pour dames" for the group "De Snuifdoos" (BE)

Created the artworks for the cover and CD-booklet for Wendrson, a German/Swabian rock band

Follow this link for more exiting news about the album cover 

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